Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, if there is a will, there is a way. My will says my immovable assets will go to my children
and my movable asset ( that is you) will get my note book and a ball pen so that you will sit in a corner and learn English’

‘SP, you talked only about your will and not about the way. I will do that job for you.

You will dumb your will in the well at our backyard, take the paper and ball pen and start writing ‘SreerAma jayam’ so that your confusion in thinking, talking and walking may vanish. ( I’m not using the word ‘will’ as I’m not sure whether even the all powerful Ramanama can change you to a wiser man). Don’t worry. I will continue to love you as you’re lovable with all your stupid wills and ways ‘

‘Ammalu, don’t try to gain sympathy from our children, just because, you are a woman. No difference between men and women’

‘No difference SP? Are you funny or foolish?’

‘I’m a man’

‘There you are! Thank you’

‘Oh, my God, Ammalu! Our astrologer ThAtchu Panikkar says , had I married not you but any other woman , I will be rolling and rolling in happiness. Where would I have reached by now had it happened?’

‘In the Indian Ocean!’


‘Rolling and rolling , where else you would have reached?’

Living under the same roof, we have to find a meeting point, despite our diverse interests and intellectual abilities, Ammalu’

‘Don’t we have one?’


‘Dining table’

Ammalu is always right

‘In the heart of my heart, I have an unfulfilled desire, Ammalu.
In the presence of my friends, I will stand rising my head high, proudly and  you should fall at my feet. I will lift you up saying, ‘it is ok ”

‘SP, it is not ok. You can’t bend down and pick up even a pen or paper. How will you lift me up? I’m prepared to fall at your feet not once but a hundred times. Each time, your friends will lift me up. Will you still say, ‘it is ok’?
Think before saying something, great man!’

‘Ammalu, there is no age bar for learning. Shall I appoint a home tuition to teach you ‘A’,’B’,C’,’D’?’

‘I don’t like to learn from others. You learn first and teach me. There is no age bar for learning’


Ammalu is always right


‘Ammalu, way back from the temple went casually to meet our astrologer ThAtchu Panikkar.
After thoroughly studying our two horoscopes for over an hour, he asked me in anger, ‘which idiot matched these two horoscopes? What he said afterwords, horrified me,
‘There is not a single matching point!”

‘He wasted an hour to arrive at that conclusion, which he would have achieved by spending a minute or two with us. Any way, without a single matching point, we have four children. Imagine the result, if all the ten points had matched!’

‘Ammalu, for heaven”s sake never underestimate my love for you. I’m prepared to go to any extend to prove my sincerity, affection, love, dedication for you. I’m prepared to do any work you want me to do.
I’m –‘

‘Please close the main gate, when you leave!’

Ammalu is always right

‘It is my desire, wish and prayer that you should continue to be my wife for another twenty births, Ammalu!’

‘Thank you. But, I desire to have a break for one or two births just to watch the fun. Let your old friends whom you always praise have an innings or two with you’

My mind murmurs that you’re not my wife, Ammalu”

‘Did it really?’

‘Yes, my queen’

‘What am I, then, here?’

‘You’re here to cook and serve me food. Not me, but my mind says so, my Marakathavalli’

‘I’m asking you again, SP. Did your mind really say so?’

‘Yes, my NAtchiyar. Have I ever lied to you’

‘Something seriously wrong .Your mind is in a wrong place.’

‘Why, the red rose of my dream?’

‘If not me, who else carried and delivered your children? your mind ? If so, it is in a wrong place, my lord for this world and the next seven worlds’

‘We’re living together for several years. I don’t think we are coming closer and closer, Ammalu’

‘We did and had the result. No more now and thank God for that’

‘Everything about me is attractive, say my friends. Wish I could say the same about you, Ammalu!’

‘You can, but not your friends!’

The source and solace of my soul

Every wind that Knocks your door
Is not a gale to smash your floor
Every knock on your head
Is not a tool to drill a hole,
But, the moment a dry leaf drops
You shiver!

Dry leaves will certainly drop
Even green leaves.
All leaves and all trees
Have to fall and you know that.

Every night leads to dawn ,
Every summer to winter
Even death is a door to birth
So say the men of worth.

Like river racing to sea
And returning as rains,
And running again to join sea
You’re in a circle
Not in a straight line.

Enough of this circling
Want to be a straight line
With no curve or bend
Clearly aiming the end.
That end where all the ends end,
That end is my goal,
Want to be with the Whole
The source and solace of my soul.