Ammalu and my pre – marriage habits.

On the first night after our wedding, I told many things to Ammalu but neither I can tell you what all I told her nor you will be interested in hearing that. But, one thing I told, which was nothing but truth, I want to share with you:

‘Ammalu, before marriage, I used to tell one or two lies’

‘That is Ok! ,’ she replied, magnanimously.

On the second night, I told her, ‘Ammalu, before marriage, I used to smoke one or two cigarettes, occasionally.

‘She was not very pleased but replied courtesy,

‘That is Ok’

On the third night, I told her, ‘Ammalu, before marriage, I used to enjoy a peg of scotch whisky with my friends, once a while’

Her face turned reddish, then black but managed to console me by saying, ‘it is Ok’

On the forth night, I told her, ‘Ammalu, before marriage, I had one or two girl friends’

I thought she would burst my head but said smilingly, ‘it is Ok’

I was surprised and also pleased. ‘I can take this girl for granted,’ I thought and smiled back.

She was watching my moments carefully for a week but said nothing. Emboldened by her silence, I told her, ‘Ammalu, I am sure that you have pardoned me for my pre- marriage bad habits’

‘Why don’t you get married?,’ she asked, smiling again.

I was stunned. I stood up from the bed and asked her, ‘what! We are married, Ammalu!’

She retorted, ‘who said? Your habits are continuing. I’m leaving for my mom’s home . Tell me when you are married, so that I can come and stay with you.

I fell on her feet and promised, ‘no more cigarette, lies, wine or woman’

‘Ok, but I can stay only on one condition,’ she replied again magnanimously, ‘you should not say a word to me about your Pre- marriage days. I know what you were and what you are. I also know that a dog’s tail would never get straightened even after treating in a pipe for a hundred years’

‘Thousand or hundred, Ammalu?,’ I asked her quoting the Malayalam saying where it was mentioned thousand years.

‘A hundred for dog,’ she replied, ‘but a thousand for you!’