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Sri.Sri. Muralidhara Swamiji’s upadesams are always in such a simple language that even a lay man like me with  no basic knowledge in Vedas or vedantham, can understand what he says.

However, I am not able to follow the the below mentioned message quoted from the learned Swamiji’s talk:

What happens to the soul after it is departed from the body?

Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji:

“If someone commits suicide to escape trifle worldly issues, it is indeed pitiable and deplorable. This is because the soul undergoes unbearable pain until their ‘karma’ on earth comes to an end.

Such a soul roams around and tries to catch other weak people and trouble them. Those people who practice black magic deploy these roaming spirits for their mundane and sinister needs. Exactly the same thing happens, if someone dies in an accident or account of murder etc. I have witnessed this myself”.

Are there still black magic practitioners in this country who deploy the roaming spirits and if so why are we not taking any action to stop such crime? If some one dies in an accident or murder for no fault of him why should his soul suffer? Or is it due to his past karma-in which case none can do anything-he has to suffer. Why make a hue and cry about and it and why the police , why the courts of justice?

As  a child I have heard several kuttichathan stories and mantravadam in Kerala but neither in Hyderabad where I have lived for a long time nor in the west where I live now, none talks of such happenings. Even in Kerala, the place I used to visit often, none tells me about such practices. But if black magic or satanic tricks are really in vogue anywhere, we should be alert and we should act.

And the Poojya Swamiji says that “I have witnessed myself”. As a curious learner I would like to be enlightened on this aspect. What is that he has witnessed? Has any one else in this forum had such an experience?

This note is a product of my ignorance and I assure you that it is NOT due to my arrogance .

I request the moderator and understand this and allow me to have the benefit of my doubt cleared.

After all, as I understand, this forum is for improving our spiritual knowledge too.

Love and regards,