Twinkle,twinkle Nikhil star,

How you kindle life of all!

With a smile of million stars,

Like a lovely water fall.         1

Splashing smiles, you crossed a mile

Now wants to fly like a butterfly,

Mount a cloud to catch the moon,

Wonder why a moon wants another moon!                 2

Hums like a bee and quacks like a duck

Coos like a dove and swings like my luck

Laughter and smiles, mischief and babbles

In tons and tons, this rising sun                                          3

Thatha falls when Nikhil pulls

Nikhil laughs when thatha falls

And thatha calls for nikhils’s hand

They roll and roll and laugh and laugh.                              4

Fall is fun, for the little one;

And he bounces like a rubber ball;

Fall is fall for the older one.

He moans and naps and worries all                                    5

Nikhil claps,“ tha, thatha, tha”

Thatha rises, “ha,ha, ha”

“Fall is fun, I know” he blabs;

All is well, if Nikhil claps.                                                    6


This short poem was composed for the invitation  card for my grand son Nikhil’s first birthday, as desired by my daughter-in-law, Meghana


Aug 8, 2008