Awaken by the autumn


The aspiration to write, dormant in the cavern of my heart for an unusually long time was ignited by the  leisurely atmosphere in the Baltimore house of my eldest son, Sharath,  where I had come to sojourn for the first time in the  autumn  2004. The nature  here in Autumn, before setting down into the cool embrace of the winter,  like a bride on her honey-moon night, blushes  when the quite green summer foliage of  maple , cherry and other trees transforms into reds, browns, golds and oranges.

Those damsels donning multi color apparels peering into my study moved by a mild wind or  parading  glamorously on both the sides of the roads while I move in a car, played a major role in awakening the sleeping writer in me.

It started as a ripple, my story- writing and thanks to the encouragement received from the pattars group, became a wave and now it is  flowing out, as a stream.

Many friends wanted to know whether the characters and incidents of my stories are  real or fictitious. Is it really important ? Have you not met at least some of them, at some place or other? May be in your village, at some functions or in your family itself. If not, look for them and if you meet any of them, convey my regards .

I welcome you to have a dip in this flow.  Hope you will enjoy it.

Sivasubramanian Perinkulam
Aug 5, 2006

No more with me but always within me

                                                                                  WHAT TO LOOK FOR HERE
  Sri Siva’s reply reminds me of what Principal Agrawal of Mumbai’s famous Agrawal Classes said, decades earlier.Agrawal Classes would admit only students who had scored 90 plus marks in their Maths, Physics and Chemistry for coaching to perform well in the higher secondary class.When one of the parents asked Principal Agrawal what was the merit in selecting the best students and subsequently taking creit for turning out excellent results, the Principal’s reported polite and humble reply was:”Sir,  I only polish Diamonds.  My skill is limited to that. If you are looking for a washerman, go to Atomic Energy’s School in their BARC complex, where they admit students with 40 marks in maths and science and turn them out as brilliant engineers or scientists a few years later”.Thanks to Shri Siva for advising us what to look for where.


Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 22:55:53 +0530
Subject: [Pattars] I have nothing with me to teach you


My classmate Sri. Krishnamoorthy had this to say about my post on ‘Kavassery and Pallavur “
“Dear Siva,
I went through your article on Pallavur and Kavasseri, with a hope to find some guidance about the localities. I am terribly disappointed that it contained descriptions of one or trwo personalities only, not a word about the geography, people and their habits.”
He is right.  I don’t write on those because there are several other sources such as travel guides, Google search etc to help you on those subjects
 My interest is to attempt to touch your finer feelings and try to vibrate those intimate inner  strings. I am a ‘vainika’ in that respect and not an information bureau. I have nothing with me to teach you.
I shall be grateful if my respected readers could keep this is in their mind, while reading my stories.
 I was moved when a day or two back , a reader said this :
 ” Dear Shri Sivasubramanian,It was a rare treat, one of the beautiful portrayal,narration or story telling which i chanced to read today and i sincerely want to congratulate you for this and pray for your good health and happiness.
It was a casual search for an email from a friend “parasu’ (whom i met after a gap of 50 years at Thrissur during the golden jubilee celebrations of Government College of Engineering),that made me look at the US brahmins mail of May 19 2011, where in your story of parasu vadyar not just attracted me but made me read with intense interest couple of times and i liked it so much because of its simplicity and familiar back drop and events.Though few tear drops fell at the end, i realized that it brought freshness and a light feeling removing the heaviness of the crowded life.
Thank you for this nice piece”
That exactly is my aim .
Love and regards,
Ocala, Florida


“Am I really worth so much ? Do my works deserve such an unreserved accolade?” I asked myself after reading the letter of appreciation from Smt.Radhika Krishnan . Here is a woman unknown to me,  who was writing to me for the first time and her words have the warmth of sincerity. I was convinced that she means what she said, whether her judgment is correct or not. Her second letter reinforced my belief. I am overwhelmed by her words of appreciation and therefore, with the permissible pride of a writer, I am posting her letters here.

How blessed I am that I could contribute something for the happiness, though momentarily, of at least one person.

I raise my head silently towards the sky, thank the  Supreme Power, for endowing me with this unique ability, and place myself again and again at His lotus feet.

‘ Sakala karmarpanam bhavathu karomi jnan,

Samsthamaparatham kshamswa Jagalpathe ‘

 (All my karmas I dedicate to you, God; pardon me for all my wrong-doings )


Love and regards,



July 26, 2011


—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Radhika Krishnan <>
Sent: Friday, 22 July 2011, 16:58
Subject: My salutations to you

My Namaskaram to you sir


Before I start, please excuse and forgive me if any of my words or sentences  hurt you or your sentiments directly or  indirectly. I promise that my intentions are clear of thanks giving to God for sending your works to me and by reading them I feel very happy.

I first want to say, “Thank you very much”, you may want to know why is this lady thanking me  when I don’t even know who she is & what have I done for her to thank me? Yes Thank you for enlightening me with your wonderful sharing on the Pattars yahoo group (when I read the messages on yahoo I first intensely search for your message I read it first as if I was missing something and then I go on to read the others, I have each and every word on your website and keep reading over and over again, it brings life and reality moreover it gives you the real meaning of living.

Be it your exciting short stories, the wonderful articles, the awesome sequels, exceptionally beautiful poems, (although I could read only the ones in English), the Telling tele talks –wow its so real & true as if a father is guiding her child across through the fields & valleys of life.

 Its just mouth- watering as if I am looking the golden yellow juicy mangoes and waiting to start eating them up, while the others are WOW!!! What an amazing person God has created and most of all blessed me to read your great works. 

Oh blessed one! You are indeed highly favored by God, who had sent you to millions and millions of people who even though we have not met you in person but by your sharing have brought God close to me at least and have given me mental peace.

As I touch your feet I take your blessing, oh Blessed & Learned one, please bless me that I succeed to do the will of God and achieve His purpose and fulfill His plan for me.

Thank you Sir. Thank you very much.


(The second letter sent on 25th July 2011 )


Thank you once again not only for your blessings but also for your messages.

Sir, I greatly apologize if any words or sentences may hurt you and your feelings, please do forgive me as you would surely forgive your own child, I know I am not at all worthy to be called one of your child but if you accept me than I will at least, I surely would like to be your disciple and want to learn & put into practice all of your teachings through your messages, just like an archer would learn from his guru…….

 I must tell you that I loved reading “Parasurama Vaadyar, it touched my soul & brought me to really think about God and his existence & creation, it brought peace to my mind, I didn’t know about all this until I read your messages which are actually very loud, crisp & clear, but reading “NOT A BAD IDEA”, “UTTER CONFUSION” and so many other made me to laugh at your humor, your messages are just perfect!!!!!!Sir you indeed have a great sense of humor, there is no doubt about any of your messages.

At night when I don’t get sleep & look at the window outside and feel the cool breeze, I wonder how God has given you an amazing knowledge to recreate something into a beautiful piece and make us just enjoy reading it in order to make us feel the presence of God, even reading about the “crows”, I now literally ask the crows when they come onto my window sill, who are you and I wait to get an answer………………I know that someday I will get an answer.

Sir, as I bend down and touch your feet to take your blessings, I pray to God to keep you in good health, in mind, soul & body, so that you may keep up the wonderful work of spreading God’s message to us sinners.

Thank you Sir. Thank you very much.

Pls continue your great work

Ernest learner from your great work

Radhika Krishnan


An elder’s blessings :

Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2012 09:52:40 -0800
Subject: Dear sir

Although I am nearing 80 I am a great admirer of your dearself; I have been and continue reading your write-up on many matters which are of great interest to me and which soothe my charged mental  frame. Goddess Saraswati has indeed endowed you with the free flow of the pliable English language which you handle it remarkably. Not that everyone has this sort of prowess; onlya star is visible on the horizon rarely. Continue your journey not stop. God bless.
with best wishes


99 thoughts on “Awaken by the autumn”

  1. A veritable literary giant are you sir, sri Perinkulam swamiji– you climb up from a lower or even from a middle BIRTH to a higher BIRTH so very effortlessly, in your
    “train journey”, draws parallels to human life’s journey itself !

    Please refer to GOLKONDA HAKIM EPISODES !!!

    A truly great allegory!! A great narration in spiritualism, puja swami perinkulam !

    What an invigorating narrated too, as seen in your episodes evoking endless spasms of endlessly utter mirth especially by the blessings of your Golkonda Hakim and so unlike the tough and serious methods shown by million years of vedantic study of great upanishads or even by the efforts of great Guru-s… but you just lift a box given to you by your guru G.Hakim… and lo and behold….you transport from BIRTH TO BIRTH SO effortlessly ! Wonder of wonders .. thunder of thunders swamiji !!

    What a gift to humanity, especially in train journeys !!

    You are indeed a jnanaswaroopa ( of golkonda Guru parampara) pujya swami sri Perinkulam Hakimji !!

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